Skilled Nursing

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Serenity Now Healthcare provides skilled nursing services to medically complex pediatric and adult clients in a home setting. Many of our clients suffer from acute or chronic illnesses. Many are transitioning from a hospital stay, recent surgery, or a debilitating accident. Our clients receive attentive quality care with continuous assessment of their therapeutic and medical needs. We provide individuals with customized health care plans that will help him or her achieve the best outcomes.

Serenity Now Healthcare team consists of highly qualified nursing professionals that deliver a broad range of skilled nursing services. Our team works closely with an interdisciplinary team of physicians, licensed therapists, and skilled nursing practitioners (RN’s and LPN’s). We believe in building trusting relationships that enhances the healing experience and improve overall well-being.

  • Individualized Home Health Care Plans

  • Medication Administration/weekly set-up

  • Case management services

  • PT/OT/ST exercises as prescribed

  • Tracheostomy Care

  • Ventilator Care

  • Enteral feedings (G-tubes, J-tubes, and Mickey buttons)

  • TPN infusion

  • IV access care (Mediport, PICC lines, and etc.)

  • Wound management- (Wound vacs, JP-drains, and etc.)

  • Community resources referral

  • Appointment scheduling